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no toto....PETA vs.Olsen-twins

20. 3. 2008

PETA vs.olsen-twins

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PETA doesn't like fur. The Olsen Twins like fur. So naturally, PETA has been on a collision course with the Olsen twins for some time and it's finally come to a head with PETA's online trash campaign against the thin twins. PETA started up the Meet The Trollsen Twins campaign at the Hollywood and Highland complex today with the objective of convincing The Trollsens, I mean Olsen Twins to stop wearing and using fur in their clothing line. PETA's creative I'd Rather Go Naked anti-fur campaigns in the past have included photographs of celebrities such as Eva Mendes and Christina Applegate wearing nothing but the skin God gave them. Personally, I've never been a fan of PETA but only because I already don't agree with the use of fur, but I do wear leather, so I'm torn. Check out the video of PETA spokesperson Lisa Lange dubbing the fantastically skinny sisters, Hairy-Kate and Trashley Trollsen. And check out pictures from the PETA protest and pictures of the Olsen Twins wearing the aforementioned fur.



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